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Institute On The Constitution


Institute On The Constitution


John Eidsmoe’s three-volume videotaped series of lectures on the Constitution is one of the most comprehensive ever produced on this subject. Dr. Eidsmoe demonstrates in a manner which can leave no doubt in the minds of reasonable men and women that the government established by the Founding Fathers of this country was consciously set down by them in accordance with Christian principles. There is a widely accepted myth that all or most of the founders and framers were not traditional Christians, but were Deists, followers of a kind of rationalistic, quasi-agnostic offshoot of Christian belief which holds that God created the universe but then withdrew from his creation, never intervening in human affairs and remaining indifferent as to mankind’s fate.

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The author dealt with that fable more than a decade ago in his excellent work, Christianity and the Constitution (1987). In this video collection, Dr. Eidsmoe examines the evidence once again and convincingly argues that the overwhelming majority of the men who founded our country were practicing Christians of various denominations, not agnostics or Deists. Of the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention, 28 were Episcopalians (Anglicans), eight Presbyterians, seven Congregationalists, two Dutch Reformed, two Lutherans, two Methodists, two Roman Catholics, three Deists, and one unknown. Since religious belief was taken very seriously in those days, it is impossible to imagine that a document so crucial to the patterns of life as the Constitution would not reflect a Christian outlook. It is a profoundly Christian document, and profoundly conservative as well. The framers looked to Christian teaching as their guide, not to the writings of atheistic philosophers and theorists, which is why our revolution was so markedly different from that of France. This is the primary reason that our Constitution and our whole historical experience are unique in all the world. (Three videotapes and a 118 page Study Syllabus.)


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