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Homestead Blessings – Art of Gardening


Homestead Blessings – Art of Gardening


This DVD is packed with helpful instruction to help you grow beautiful healthy flowers and vegetables no matter where you’re gardening. From a small container garden in a city backyard to a large vegetable garden, grow the things you love.

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Product Description

In the modern “Information Age,” we’ve largely relinquished our connection with the land to large agro-industrial companies who use genetically modified seeds and millions of cubic feet of pesticides and chemical fertilizers to grow our food. When we buy our food at the grocery store, we eat it without ever really thinking about where that food came from or how it arrived on our kitchen table. Is it any surprise so few people still know the lost secrets of organic gardening?

Fortunately, a few wise individuals have carried on the time-tested gardening traditions of our great-grandparents and continue to grow bountiful harvests of nutritious vegetables, succulent fruits, and vibrant flowers. And they may have even developed some special gardening techniques of their own.

The West Ladies of Homestead Blessings farm are just such a family. They have been growing their own food, flowers, and plants for many years, and have a wealth of “down home” knowledge about the art of gardening. And in this “tell-all” DVD, they share their secrets about composting, pest control, potato patches, flowers, container gardening, vegetables, climate conditions (and how it affects your gardening), and much more! Even better, you can apply their advice no matter where you live. Discover…

● How to plant a small container garden on an apartment balcony — and still get good yields.

● How to plant a beautiful flower bed in a suburban setting. (Follow the West Ladies advice and your flowers will be the envy of the neighborhood!)

● How to cultivate and plant a large vegetable garden on several acres of land in the country so you can feed your family all year long… and still have food left over!

The Art of Gardening DVD is the perfect gift for anybody you know who would like to learn more about gardening, growing healthier plants, or simply becoming self-sufficient. Get a copy for your friends and family members and, while you’re at it, get a copy for yourself, too!


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