Discover Gold Buying Secrets Dealers Don't Want You to Know! Use these gold buying secrets dealers don't want you to know about to save thousands on your next investments!

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Emergency Herbs -
How To Make Your Own “Herbal Antibiotics”

Learn how to make your own emergency remedies for use in any survival situation if and when medical help may be unavailable. The book reveals five amazing ways to help rev-up your immune system in a crisis system. It also recommends 15 herbs you should have “just in case”. All the herbs in this book are available almost everywhere... plus... many of the herbs can be grown for practically nothing or are very cheap to buy (you probably have some of them already!).

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Red Alert Warning! Bombshell New Book Reveals... How To Survive The Coming Martial Law In America. “Former Political Insider Discovers The Shocking Truth About A Vicious New Plan To Institute Martial Law and Reveals How To Get Out Of Harms Way Before Globalists Pull The Trigger”

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New video course that reveals how to safely prepare and store foods in the event of a dangerous worldwide crisis. Designed for anyone who is frustrated with surging grocery prices and the very real possibility of empty shelves during the first year of the new administration.

Absolutely everything you need to know is on these food storage teaching DVDs.

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make money with your truck ebook How To Make Money With Your Truck!

The Little Known Secrets of How to Turn Your Pickup Truck Or Van into a Cash Machine… and Never Again Worry About Job Security or the Economy. You can now use inside information to make a good living with a piece of equipment you already own, help others...and get some quick cash even during times of unprecedented turmoil that will leave others wondering where all the money came from.

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77 Items That Instantly Vanish From Store Shelves

The report shows you a ton of ways to get out of any mess that a panic driven shortage or meltdown may bring your way. Even veteran “survivalists” get their eyes opened from this report!

Like when the power goes out and it’s freezing cold outside. The report shows you how to stay warm when everyone else is getting cold! Or, instead of not having a flush toilet, you can flush all you want whenever you want!! You'll also learn… The things you absolutely must have in your house before any crisis strikes. How to have all the pure drinking water you need without buying an expensive filter! Which 3 food items have an almost indefinite shelf life 4 grains that have a two year shelf life Using grills and solar cookers when you’re hungry.
You’ll learn what to do “for meds” in an emergency.

PLUS, you’ll learn how much cash to have on hand and exactly where to stash it, and 16 non-food items that your life may come to depend on.

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How To Survive A Nuclear Or Dirty Bomb Blast

Sinister operatives are now smuggling dangerous “dirty bomb” components into our country. But there is still time to prepare yourself and your family from the horrific blast they think will change the world forever.

  • How to identify public areas to take shelter in if you know an attack is imminent
  • Rules to teach your loved ones that may save their lives and that even children can master
  • How to stay in communication with your family... even if the phone lines in your community are down
  • How you can prepare those with special needs, whether they are dietary in nature or a lack of mobility
  • How to build a short-term shelter-wherever you are-if you know an attack is imminent
  • What you need in a long-term shelter
  • Four surprising sources to get safe drinking water from any home or business
  • Four ways you can purify bad water, with the simplest of tools

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Hide Your Guns- Step by step examples you can implement immediately to secure your guns, gold and other valuables.

Where to hide your guns so the bad guys will never find them. How to create a hiding place, right in plain sight! The places you should never hide your guns (under any circumstances) When a safe isn’t the solution. The right home security system can protect against home invasion. The sticker you can put on your front door that criminals fear more than a German Shepherd baring his fangs. How changing your light bulbs may protect against gun theft. The most important room in your house for protecting your guns (and your family). When you need a safe and what kind to buy. Where to put your safe so they can’t get into it, even if they manage to find it. What you absolutely must have on the bottom of the safe. Four questions you must ask the safe company before you buy

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Christianity And The Constitution- Why Almost All Politicians, Teachers and Preachers Are Dead Wrong About How to Keep This Country From Becoming A Total Dictatorship
  • Why Martial Law is the unavoidable goal of fallen man
  • How atheists are working to trigger the collapse of law and order in America
  • The one kind of media – now as common as grass in the United States – that is a sure prelude to totalitarianism.
  • Why President Obama received so many “Christian” votes (this alone will explain why we are headed for judgment)
  • A simple “litmus test” to determine the god of any individual, system, or institution. (Even people who claim they have no god do have a god! And you’ll know exactly what god it is when you apply this little test.)
  • The dark unstated purpose of public education in America
  • How a belief in evolution leads inevitably to a belief in salvation by revolution
  • How Godless science is leading us down the road of totalitarianism toward a brave, new world of torture and slavery
  • Why Peter and John fought the jurisdiction of the state over the church (99% of churches in America miss this completely)
  • What very specific language the founders put in the Preamble to guarantee freedom (this tiny section built the entire law code in the U.S.)
  • What Jesus really taught about our duty to resist an oppressive state? (a real shocker for any Christian!)
  • Why democracies always, without exception, end up totalitarian
  • What Biblical Pharisees have in common with modern day lawyers, judges, and legislators

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"Survival Stockpiling"- The “Stay Alive” Blueprint Our Elitist Rulers Don’t Want You to See...

Easy to follow steps exactly how you can develop your own edible insurance plan-one that you’ll look forward to using!

  • Slash your food costs…without scrimping on quantity or quality!  Who wants to survive if you’re going to be eating like a peasant?  I’ll show you how to eat like a King…for just pennies a day!
  • Provide for your family and friends with your new-found abundance!  We all have friends and loved ones, and we should be concerned about their welfare.  With the secrets I’m going to share with you, you’ll have the ability to provide for extended family and friends...
  • Jump to the ‘head of the line’ and bypass the now-common six-month waiting lists for many food itemsFor a nominal fee you can have supplies delivered to your front door while still paying less than the public prices.
  • Prepare foods for those with special needs, including children, infants and diabetics who otherwise might starve!  You won’t find this information anywhere else!
  • Eat better & healthier while virtually eliminating your grocery bill!

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